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Cambridge Centre for Parkinson-Plus


I am an Alzheimer’s Society Clinical Research Fellow and University of Cambridge PhD candidate. My research interests are in neuroimaging and dementia, working primarily with 7T MRI technology to investigate Lewy body dementias and Alzheimer’s disease. My research project uses ultra-high resolution MRI to investigate brain changes in people living with dementia in more detail than previously possible. The project was conceived and successfully piloted during my time as an Academic Clinical Fellow in the department.

I studied medicine at the University of Bristol where I also gained a BA in Medical Humanities. Following completion of the Foundation Program in the North West I completed an MSc in Neuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Manchester. I came to Cambridge to take up an Academic Clinical Fellowship and have completed core training as a psychiatrist.

(O'Brien Lab/ The Old Age Psychiatry Research Group at University of Cambridge)
Alzheimer’s Society Clinical Research Fellow
Not available for consultancy