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Cambridge Centre for Parkinson-Plus


Strand B: Clinical Translational Research

Lead: Professor James B. Rowe


We will determine the utility of new biomarkers studied to improve diagnosis and disease stratification of subjects with Parkinson-Plus syndromes, and their utility for future targeted clinical trials.

We will determine how tau deposition, synaptic loss and inflammation work together to cause different types of Parkinson-Plus, the different ways in which they each present, and their differences from Parkinson’s disease.

By identifying potential therapeutic targets in these disorders, and earliest possible stage patients, the programme will lead to quicker and more effective clinical trials to treat and prevent PD-Plus diseases.

In addition, we will carry out three early phase clinical trials to rapidly accelerate clinical translation of PD-Plus research into patient benefit.


Clinical Programme 1: Understanding mechanisms & heterogeneity of human Parkinson's plus syndromes

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Clinical Programme 2: Early phase trials

Clinical Trial A: Improving brain function in Parkinson's plus by replacement noradrenergic therapy

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Clinical Trial B: 'Azathioprine immunosuppression and disease modification in Parkinson's disease'

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Clinical Trial C: Measuring UPR signalling and its response to trazodone in brains of Parkinson-Plus patients

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